partner up with high caliber teams

Uzeke has taken the lead in transforming businesses into successful entities by providing innovative solutions to performance and technology gaps. It offers a la cart products such as software strategy, development and support.

The focus is on Return on Investment (ROI), high quality engineering and smart design, with a team that includes over 25 Senior Engineers, Consultants and Industry Experts.


Inoel Miranda

Inoel’s greatest strengths are his leadership, entrepreneurial skills, team building, public speaking and customer service. His hallmarks are great listening, powerful coaching and creative direction. He resides in Denver, Colorado.


Sacha Heppell

Sacha has over 10 years of experience in social marketing and project management. He was featured on CNN and interviewed by Don Lemon.  Sacha has worked with big brands to create marketing campaigns and custom software that produce results.


Leo Gutierrez

Software Engineer, Product Manager Specialist with Turpial, 5 years of experience as Chief Development Officer. Passionate about creating practical solutions to real problems through technology.


Robert Turney

Born and raised in Denver, CO. Robert has been programming since he was 8 years old, with his primary focus being website design. He joined Uzeke to advance his opportunities and get real world experience doing what he loves. He is majoring with a Bachelor of Computer Science at CU Denver. He enjoys video-games, programming, hiking, and cooking.