How to create digital assets.


Preparing assets for digital use is a core task for junior designers today – and distinct from preparing files for print. You may get asked to create or adapt images for websites, social media campaigns, display ads, email newsletters, video animations, infographics and app designs, to name but a few.

At Conran Design Group, for example, a typical task might be to produce imagery for use in a responsive website, explains senior designer Ollie Rone-Clarke. “Once the design has been signed off, we’ll create a core master file of each asset size and these will then be saved for the web, using the right file format to make the files as small as possible, while still retaining key detail – so that these assets are fast to download, for example, on mobile.” 

So how you go about creating and adapting assets for digital use? There are four broad things you need to consider.

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